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ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมสำนักพิมพ์ : Infopressบาร์โค้ด : 9786162004711จำนวนหน้า : 240หมวดหมู่ : คอมพิวเตอร์  สินค้าที่คุณน่าจะสนใจ0%รวมแอพส์ฮิต509ios99 บาท99 บาทAdd to Cart30%ถ่ายภาพสวยด้วยกล้อง Ordnance DSLR DAWNS 650D240 บาท168 บาทAdd to Cart10%หมิงเหยา องค์หญิงเก้า199 บาท179 บาทAdd to Cart15%เรียกข้าว่าคุณหนูอันดับหนึ่ง เล่ม 7 (เล่มจบ)350 บาท297 บาทAdd to Cart15%บ้านนี้มีหมอเทวดา เล่ม 10353 บาท299 บาทAdd to Cart25%ย้อนตำนานโก๋หลังวัง เดินอย่างปุ๊149 บาท112 บาทAdd to Cart.

Fashion Photography Essential ดาวน์โหลดหนังสือฟรี

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  • สำนักพิมพ์: Infopress
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  • ISBN-10: 9786162004711
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Fashion Photography Essential


Ann Patchett truly did an amazing job with writing this book. She wrote in a style that made you feel like you were there being held hostage. Time played no factor in the story... just like the hostages lost their sense of time. After a while you no longer knew if it had been two weeks since the terrorists had crashed the party, or two months. And when you do find out it's been two months you're just as shocked as the hostages. You grow weary along with the hostages when you read about some mundane thing taking place, but that's the point. You are just as bored as the hostages and even the most simple thing can be the highlight of the week. You are introduced to characters that you remember well, and then there are others that fade in and out of the background, just as the hostages see one another. You like some, you dislike others. It's just amazing how you become one of the hostages, yet it feels completely natural when you are pulled out slightly and become the all-knowing narrator. The book was long and felt tidious at times, but I realized it made you feel what the characters were feeling. The writing was beautiful and the characters were well-developed. It seemed a little too convenient to have the Ultimate Translator handy for this event to take place, and you could easily see it as a tool Ann Patchett used to get her characters into easier communication, she turned him into such a key character, he no longer seemed like a convenient tool. Overall the book was amazing, and I still can't get over how the writing reflected so much on the ordeal itself. The only major problem I had with the novel was the Epilogue just seemed tacked on as some sort of final closure. She could have just left the epilogue off and had a very shocking and abrupt ending. I think that would have been befitting and followed the style of the rest of the book. The ending we do have just... I don't know. It didn't seem necessary, didn't explain all that much about other characters, and seemed a little odd with the two major characters it addressed. Other then the ending... epilogue... the book was fantastic and a definite must-read this summer. Oh, and don't think this stereo-types South Americans as gun-toting terrorists. While some of it does seem a little stereotypical, the terrorists in this are really humanized and you actually grow to like some of them.

2020-08-17 07:51


November 2011

2020-08-09 20:50


hehe..i hope this is a good book....!!!! i think it will be!

2020-08-07 15:05


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